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More ways to win with the same $5.00 Wager!


Come get #LuckyAtLIVE and play our new STax Super 4 Progressive with multiple jackpots to win.

The STAX Super 4 Progressive wager wins whenever the Dealer gets Blackjack, or whenever the Dealer’s "up card" is an Ace. Place this optional side bet for unprecedented excitement and the chance to hit one of the multi-level jackpots. The STAX Super 4 Progressive Blackjack pays IF the dealer has a Blackjack and the resulting combination of the dealer Blackjack AND player's two cards qualifies for a listed pay. STAX Super 4 wagers also pay, IF the dealer has an Ace up and does NOT have a Blackjack. 

A single $5 wager will qualify the player for five different progressive jackpots. 


Make your $5.00 bet and any card combination can win! Included in our NEW STAX Super 4 Blackjack is a Must Hit Progressive Jackpot. The Must Hit Progressive feature will be randomly triggered after the hand is completed. No additional wagering required to qualify and it could hit at any time regardless of your hand. Now, that's what we call getting #LuckyAtLIVE!