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Date: 9/22/2019
Location: Live! Event Center
Doors: 8:00PM
Showtime​: 9:00pm
Tickets: Starting at $59

Enjoy an evening out with your favorite Vietnamese performers!

Truong Giang

Through many years of hard work at the New Smile, in July 2011 marked the turning point of Truong Giang's career, when he was invited by to write the script and perform in comedy skits "Difficult" in the "Buoc Chan Mien Trung" concert. In the role of Muoi Kho, he made a strong impression through the image of the difficult old man but very charming and humorous. After this role, the name of Truong Giang began to be known to the public, he performed many with famous artists like Hoai Linh, Chi Tai, Tran Thanh, Viet Huong, and participated in many reality TV shows.

2015 can be seen as a most successful year of Truong Giang. In the field of film, he contributed in two cult projects: Flip Face (collected 25 billion Vietnamese Dong (1.2 million USD) after a week of premiere) and 49 Days (collected 15 billion VND ($800,000USD) after 3 days of premiere). With the success of the 49-Day film, Truong Giang was awarded the title "box-office prince" of Vietnamese cinema.  It did not stop at movie industry, Truong Giang also appeared in many TV shows such as Cam On, Bi Mat Ngay Chu Nhat, Hoi Ngo Danh Hai.  In addition, he was also loved by many audiences when leading reality programs such as the Buoc Nhay Ngan Can, Chung suc 2015, Thiên đường ẩm thực, Ca Si Dau Mat, Giong Ai Giong Ai, mart Na Ngoi Sao. Truong Giang had a another successful year when he organized the live show called "Chang He Dat Cang" after 8 years of entering the comedy career and was well received by the audience. On January 23, 2016, he received 2 Gold Awards for "Male Comedian" and "Male Actor".

At the Golden Lotus Awards 2016 on January 20, 2017, Truong Giang was surprised when he continuously won four prizes in four categories that he was nominated: "Theater Actor", "Comedian "," Movie / TV Actor and Host." 

At the 2017 Golden Awards ceremony on January 18, 2018, in addition to "brace" when receiving 2 "Theater Actors" and "Comedian", Truong Giang was honored in "Top." 10 artists of the year ".

Since 2016, Truong Giang had performed more than 20 shows in the United States for Ruby Blvd Entertainment and  they were all sold out.  In fact, one of his show drew more than 7000 audiences for the first time he worked with Ruby Blvd Entertainment.