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Live! Casino & Hotel was created by an international developer with deep family roots. That unique combination of innovation and family values is a big part of what makes up our culture.

We commit to our Team Members that we will:

  • Respect, value and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of all of our Team Members and treat them as family members
  • Provide consistent and informative communication with a personal touch
  • Provide a friendly, fun and a supportive work environment allowing our team to excel at customer service
  • Offer a competitive wage and benefit package
  • Invest in job training, education, deveopment, advancement, and personal growth that is aligned with our mission
  • Take personal responsibility for recruiting and hiring the best talent available

This commitment is based firmly upon our Core Values of:

Competitive Spirit - We strive to outdo our competition in every aspect of our business.

Customer Focused - We strive to anticipate and exceed each guest’s expectation.

Continuous Improvement - We believe in an ongoing process of learning, reflection, adaptation, and growth.

Diversity of Thought - We believe there is more than one way to solve any challenge and encourage progressive debate.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - We take personal pride in our operations and are empowered to make changes.

Honor - We believe in the adherence to moral and ethical principles, mutual respect, honesty, integrity of character and sincerity of action.

Passion - We love what we do.

Teamwork - We will work together collaboratively and professionally to achieve our mission.